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Let me tell you about Etel...

Sometimes life just sends you Angels. Etel is one of them. I am very grateful to Etel as she has offered therapy to my mum and has refused to take even any money for it. She is a wonderful being which puts a lot of emphasis on quality work rather than looking at the financial aspect of it. Her pure heart is felt throughout all the work you do with her. If you want to have a compassionate listener and someone who can guide you in a very soft way to even the most uncomfortable feelings, then she is the one for you. Her work with kids with special needs is in my opinion a very important and needed work she is doing. I have had myself Compassionate Inquiry sessions with her and knowing other practitioners in this field, I can say with a lot of confidence that she is one of the best I got to know. I am very happy to have Etel on this platform and to offer also our Turkish friends to work with her in Turkish.

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I am truly grateful to work with Etel. She quides the sessions with so much kindness, humbleness, patience, gentleness and deep presence. Etel creates a safe and objective space from where to witness

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