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I am truly grateful to work with Etel. She

quides the sessions with so much

kindness, humbleness, patience,

gentleness and deep presence. Etel

creates a safe and objective space from

where to witness and allow

understandings to unfold, not only

during the session, but also long time

after the session ended, in a rippling

effect. Thank you Etel *


Etel teaches from heart ; I recommend her sessions for those who want to meet themselves ; she makes you question what has happened to me ; instead of thinking what’s wrong with me . She guides you , to find your own way of self-regulating 🙏🏽 After her sessions ; you learn to name feelings and feel what’s actually going on inside your body .

“ You appeared on my way at such a meaningful time for me. I cann’t describe with words how you touched me. I am so grateful that I met you on my way home”

“ every single moment of your training touched the most profound parts of my being”

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